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I am reading Moby Dick by a string of battery operated Christmas lights to the incredibly loud roar of the next door neighbor’s generator. Or, I was, before I paused to write this. It’s funny; we first lost power during a derecho a few nights ago, and I remember thinking, (after the initial “uh-oh. No power and 100 degrees in the forecast”), “this is kinda cool reading like this in the middle of such an incredible storm.” It was fantastic: hail, rain, wind gusts and lightning like a firework finale. Two nights ago, the power going out (after having been restored for a glorious 24 hours) somehow triggered the intruder alarm in the process. That made our hearts jump out of our chests. Then the heat set in. All of a sudden blackouts got a whole lot less romantic. Still, I am enjoying reading Moby Dick by Christmas light.
It also doesn’t hurt that our next door neighbor – the one with the incredibly loud generator – bought said generator with the intention of sharing; and through this generosity I am enjoying a lovely breeze from a fan that he also brought over for us. He actually brought over two, so everyone here could sleep with a fan in their room.

We really and truly got lucky in the neighbor department. Joe and Marty are always quick to lend a hand. Joe himself is quite a character – one of the few WWII vets that I know still enjoying life to its fullest. His son, Marty, though raised Catholic, converted to become a Jehovah’s Witness. Despite their reputation for banging on doors, and attempting to “preach the word” at every turn, Marty has never spoken of his faith unless asked. Instead, he lives life as others might preach it: always says hi with a smile, the first to lend a helping hand (even when inconvenient), thinks of others, and treats others the way he would like to be treated. He even offered to turn the generator off at intervals if the kids had a hard time sleeping through the night with the noise – and at nap time as well. Actually, fortunately for us, it seems that coupled with the fans, the roar is serving as white noise for YumYums. Last night was the first night he slept past 7am! I guess all he needed was an extremely loud constant roar – or it’s heat exhaustion. But I’m hoping for theory number 1.
Speaking of sleep, I’d better get to it!


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