Diaper Review

Ok, as promised, here is a break-down of the cloth diapers in my stash!  I’m going to skip the preamble & just get right to it.


FuzziBunz one size

These are great diapers.  I have used both the sized & the one-size versions: size Large with my daughter several years ago, and currently the one-size with my newest.  The sized were sturdy & we had relatively few leaks.  A friend of mine is still using them with her son & they are holding up great!

I feel like they are working out the kinks on the one-size, though.  They started having them manufactured in Turkey & several of my brand new diapers had the snaps break on them.  I sent them back with a copy of the receipt (tricky, since they were gifts), and they sent new ones with new inserts AND some free cloth liners to make up for the fact that it is their policy not to cover shipping back to them on returns.  Great!  Except for the fact that on a couple of the newly replaced diapers, the snaps broke again.  Very easy to return the diapers (so long as you have the receipt), and friendly customer service.  This time they included a pack of free large inserts, but they were too wide to fit in the diapers & different from the ones that come included with the new diapers.  For me, this was AWESOME, because they fit perfectly in the Bum Genius diapers and this allowed me to scoop up some Bum Genius seconds really inexpensively (since seconds do not come with inserts).  Also, the new diapers they sent seemed to have been redesigned.  They are smaller, more narrow, have the leg adjustment elastic completely hidden on the inside.  Before, the buttons used to secure the elastic were exposed.  This makes it easier to adjust the diapers, but for my little boy – if his *ahem* “Wee-wee” gets shifted & points just the right way, the button causes a small gap where the pee runs right over the button & being that buttons aren’t absorbent, causes a leg leak.  I could adjust the legs so they are tighter, but when I do that leaves Yum Yums with a red indent of the button & deep red marks on the legs.   Often, there is no issue, but clearly enough people have had similar issues to prompt a redesign.

The redesigned one-size fits my skinny little man wonderfully & the leak issue is solved (not sure how well these will do for a chunky baby like The Muffin was).  However, the inserts that came with mine are different: they are softer, nicer, less bulky, could probably be placed right up against baby’s skin (they don’t seem to be microfiber), but they are less absorbent.  Pair it with it with an older FB insert from your stash & you’ll be fine – or be prepared to change a diaper at the very first sign of pee.  Of course, my little man is an extremely heavy wetter.  Also, since they still seem to be working out some kinks, they might have addressed this issue as well.

The Bottom Line: These are great diapers.  They represent nearly half of my stash.  I have found that they don’t stain as readily as Bum Genius, are easier to clean, and much softer against baby’s skin.  Also, my little one is less prone to diaper rash in these over Bum Genius.

Bum Genius One Size & Bum Genius Newborn AIO

Bum Genius One Size

Fantastic diapers!  We have a bunch of these with the hook & loop closure.

The Newborn AIOs are wonderful!  As easy as  a disposable!  They are, however, prone to staining.  A little time in the sunshine takes most of it away, though.  The newborn size actually lasted us for a couple of months.  (My little guy is long & thin, though – not super round.)

The one-size Bum Genius don’t leak.  They just don’t.  -And all but 1 of ours are seconds!  I have no idea why the seconds are seconds – I even bought one “regular” diaper to compare the rest to & I still can’t figure it out!  Anyway, they can also be used as swim diapers if you take out the insert!!!  They are not as easy to clean, and stain more readily than the FuzziBunz.  Poop will often cross the flap where the insert goes, making it messy to remove the insert when you go to clean these off.  Also, my son will get diaper rash in these if he’s solely in these all day & I’m not proactive with a little CJ’s Butter.  BUT they fit great (we’re still on the smallest setting & Yum Yums is 10 months old), and would work especially well for bigger babies.  Oh!  And with the hook & loop, they are babysitter (and Daddy) friendly, and you get a more accurate fit. I make sure I have these clean & ready when we need to have a sitter, (or are going on a road trip).

The Bottom Line: Great diapers! Never ever leak!  Can be used as swim diapers!  Babysitter friendly!  But stain & are not as easy to clean as FuzziBunz (& my son will get diaper rash more easily in these).

Flip Diaper System

Flip Diaper Cover &  insert

A neat idea & work very well for older babies.  When my son was solely breast-fed, the disposable insert would bunch & runny poop would fill the inside, making it necessary to wash the cover before using again.  Now that he’s … how shall we say…slightly more solid, these work great!  The disposable inserts are made of bamboo, wood pulp, and starch based glue  & are compost-able.  I have not tried their “stay dry insert”, but when paired with an Indian pre-fold folded like an insert, or a mother-ease bamboo insert over a folded thin newborn pre-fold they are fantastic!  I love that they are easy to use with a prefold.

I also use these as overnight diaper covers occasionally.  They do o.k. over a fitted like Kissaluvs, however, due to the lack of gussets, it is really hard to get a perfect fit & I have found that the tiny spots that allow the diaper underneath to peek through are enough to leave me with wet jammies.

The Bottom Line: Not so good for newborns, or babies solely milk-fed.  Otherwise, they are great when used with the disposable inserts or prefolds.  Very convenient!

Earth, Mom and Baby’s Bumboo Bamboo

Bumboo Bamboo diaper from Earth, Mom and Baby

This is my favorite diaper for nighttime!!  I love this diaper!  It could hold a river & is super soft!  It takes a couple of tries to learn how to fold it, but you can totally customize it so you have absorbancy right where your baby needs it most.  It is made of bamboo & silk & after 2 months of using the 3 in my stash almost every single night & washing accordingly – they are still soft.  I would use these during the day, if I had enough of them – but I’m trying to be practical & not buy more than I need (and I already have enough diapers in my stash – I keep trying to tell myself that, anyway).  Also, they are NOT babysitter friendly due to the fact that the folding takes a teeny bit of practice & a diaper cover is needed.  Still, I am sooo in love with these diaps!  Did I mention they are silk & bamboo & not even a teeny bit polyester?  (I love that!)  I really can’t praise these diapers enough.  Soooo soft. Soooo absorbent.  They also come with an extra liner – which is a long piece that is made of the same awesome bamboo & silk terry that the diaper is made of.  I *might* need to use the insert when Yum Yums gets bigger – but so far, like I said, these diapers are so absorbent, I haven’t needed it (even with my super soaker baby).  Also, never a hint of diaper rash from these.

One negative is that because of the way I fold mine (boy fold), it makes it harder to clean poop off than a pocket diaper –  and they stain.  A little time in the sun, though, works wonders for that.

The Bottom Line:  My favorite diaper.  Amazingly absorbent.  Super Soft.  Well worth the bit of practice it takes to get the fold the way you like it.  Needs a diaper cover, but the perfect solution for heavy wetters – especially at bedtime.  I can’t say enough about this diaper.

Kissaluvs Fitted

These are nice diapers.  Before I discovered Bumboo Bamboo, these were my go-to diapers for nighttime when paired with an insert on the outside – between the Kissaluv & the diaper cover.  No leaks, especially with a Tweedle Bugs diaper cover.  When you buy these, they are so incredibly soft you just can’t believe it.  I wanted to replace my entire stash with these & not look back.  (I wanted to buy a bunch and clothe myself in them, actually.)  They are easy to put on, and there’s no pocket diaper style stuffing – which I never mind, really, but this is easier even though they do require a diaper cover.  Once these are washed several times, though, the softness quickly fades & you are left with a terry-like cloth that is very much like a towel.  Still really nice, but not nearly as soft as when new & definitely not as soft as the Bumboo Bamboo.

The Bottom Line: Nice diapers!  I like these quite a bit.  Supreme softness washes out really pretty quickly.  Because of the nature of the fabric, it is not as easy to rinse poop off as a Bum Genius or FuzziBunz.  Great for nighttime heavy wetters when paired with an insert & good fitting diaper cover!

Kawaii Green Baby Blue Label One Size Bamboo

I love this diaper, too!  Very, very economical!  Very, very soft!  We’ve washed this diaper quite a bit over the past month or so that we’ve had it & it hasn’t lost one bit of its softness!  It is also very, very absorbent!  It comes with 2 inserts that can be used either in the pocket, or simply laid on top like a liner.  We stuff one insert & place one on top.  They are so very soft and flimsy feeling that I think it might be difficult to stuff both.  Regardless of the thinness or flimsy feeling of these inserts, they absorb like crazy (they are bamboo, after all).  I have left Yum Yums (my heavy wetter) in this diaper overnight once (because he fell asleep in the car in it, and I figured he’d wake up when I put him in his crib – but he didn’t!) and no leaks!!  Well, I guess it was almost overnight – I changed his diaper around 6:30pmish & changed him when he woke at 3:30pmish.  Anyway, you get the point: very absorbent.  They are not as easy to rinse poop off of as Bum Genius or FuzziBunz, but they also have less of a problem with ammonia smell.  (Probably because they are bamboo?)  I only have one of these diapers, but wish I had more!!!!  In fact, I have plans to scoop up a couple more.

The Bottom Line: The most economical of all the pocket diapers!  You can get these online for around $12.95 at Sweetbottoms Baby (and free shipping).  Jack Be Natural also has them with free shipping – but they offer the Mom Label, which is (I think) a dollar more – and I haven’t tried the Mom label.  You will have more color options, I believe, with the Mom label – but like I said – I haven’t tried these.  Super, super soft & absorbent!  (Use both of the inserts it comes with.)  Both Sweetbottoms Baby & Jack Be Natural are fantastic shops & I recommend both very highly.

Bamboozle by Tot Bots

This is a really nice diaper.  It’s a little bulky, but absorbs like crazy.  When paired with an extra insert – I use a Punkin Butt cotton/hemp doubler (http://punkinbutt.com/product_info.php?cPath=10&products_id=158)  and a good diaper cover, it’s bullet proof for nighttime.  Bulletproof, I tell ya!  After several washes, it’s not as soft as it once was.  The Bumboo Bamboo stays way softer, but if you can’t get the Bumboo, go for this one for a great nighttime solution for a heavy wetter.  The Bumboo is a less expensive & polyester free option – but this one really gets it done.  (great laundry tabs, too – funny thing to love about it, but I wish all hook & loop diapers had laundry tabs like these.)

The Bottom Line: Bulky, but great for nighttime – especially for a heavy wetter.  More expensive than the Bumboo, but babysitter friendly, as it’s hook & loop.  After several washes, loses much of its softness.

(Mother Ease) Sandy’s Bamboo Fitted

These were among the first fitteds I’ve tried.  They really do absorb well.  So well, it takes forever to dry!  Much longer than the Bumboo, Bamboozle, or Kawaii bamboo.  I really like the side snap design, and the legs are covered to a much lower extent on the thigh than any of the others I’ve tried.  This makes it near impossible to use with the Flip covers because it covers more leg (though I have done it), but might work really well for bigger babies in a diaper cover with gussets that can extend over it.  They also stain really easily.  They also get kinda rough after many washes.  All that said, they do get the job done, and I wouldn’t turn one down.

The Bottom Line: Not my favorite.  They take forever to dry, are prone to staining, are harder to wash out, and are pricier than other options especially considering the fact that you need a cover (and I have yet to find a place that sells them that offers free shipping).

Mother Ease’s Cotton One-Size

These are beautiful diapers, but they are BIG!  I can use them on my 10 month old, but they are a last pick, because they are so bulky (because they are big).  With a bamboo insert laid on top & diaper cover, they do fine for overnight.  I have yet to have an issue with leaks.  I foresee using these often when Yum Yums gets older.  If money is an issue & you really want to do a one size & have a thing against pocket diapers, these will work (though, I can’t imagine a 3 month old or younger being able to make these work & still fit into any sort of pants – you’d do better getting a bunch of small flats or prefolds until baby is bigger & can fit in these.)  Unbleached or white cotton will run you approx $11.95 each, colors $12.45.

The Bottom Line: Too big/bulky to use for younger babies, despite being a one-size.  There is no way a newborn or 1 month old would fit in these.  Otherwise, a nice diaper for older babies/toddlers.

Trend Lab Cloth Diaper

I actually really like this diaper.  The cover is soft & stretches so that it seems very comfortable for baby.  The insert snaps right in the cover.  The inserts are form fitted ( I love this) & they offer gender specific ones so they absorb more where needed – I have gender neutral ones & they are great!   But it is microfiber.  Microfiber right up against baby’s skin?  I don’t think so.  I happened to have been given fleece liners (exactly what the fuzzibunz interior is made of – in fact it was given to me from Fuzzibunz as a compensation for having to exchange a couple of defective diapers), so I just lay one of these (single ply – they came double ply & I dissected them) on top & we’re good to go.  Any sort of liner would work.  (You could even make your own liners by getting some flannel & cutting them into rectangles.)  I love that I just have to change the insert & not the whole diaper, and that the cover is so soft – more like a pocket diaper than traditional diaper cover.

The Bottom Line:  Affordable, soft, absorbent  & can be bought on-line at Target.com for approx. $12.99!  Extra liner/inserts are about $10.00 for a 2 pack, which makes this a more economical choice than most pocket diapers.   You’ll need a liner so baby’s bum isn’t up against microfiber (unless you don’t mind), but otherwise I really like this diaper!

Tweedle Bugs Sized Diaper Cover

I love these covers!  I have the hook & loop.  Never had a leak & I use these overnight.  They only run about $8.50 on tinytush.com & ship free!  My only real complaints are minor: 1. I wish the laundry tabs were bigger & 2. on rare occasion, the tabs on the hook & loop closure rub Yum Yum’s tummy & leave a slight red mark.  But that has only happened twice & we use these nearly every night.

The Bottom Line: These are my go-to covers.  They are inexpensive & work great!!

There ya have it!  As I try new diapers, I promise to update this page 🙂


Bumboo.au Flats





Talk about a soft flat!  I was hesitant to try flats.  I had flashbacks of “3 Men and A Baby” & really didn’t know the first thing about folding a diaper.  It took a few tries, but now that I’ve got the hang of it, I really like using flats!!  These are bamboo terry, so they are super absorbent.  They are also super soft & have managed to stay soft so far.  I’m guessing that I’ve washed these about 10 times so far (they’re still pretty new), but I’m loving them!  Yum Yums is a year old now & I’m wishing I had gotten the large instead of the medium because of the fold I’m using.  They still work fine, but I like serious coverage & I’m wondering if they will last up to 24 months as the size chart indicates.  These come from the Land Down Under, so the shipping was steep – however, when the package arrived, I noticed that what they spent on shipping was almost double (factoring in the currency change) what they charged me!  I guess I lucked out there!

The bottom line:  These are wonderful flats.  Maybe go up a size if using the Bat Fold.  They come from Australia, so if you live in the US,  factoring in the shipping rates, it is a tad pricey if you don’t catch a sale.


Bumboo.au Diaper Covers







These run big.  I got the medium for my 1year old & on the tightest setting, it gaps at the top – especially when not using their flats, which are bulkier (due to the nature of the fabric).  I’ve never had a problem with leaks, though.  I love the side snaps & LOVE the fabric they use.  It’s very soft – not at all stiff like other covers can be – and the trim on the gussets is very gentle on the skin, while still containing well.

The Bottom Line: They run big (don’t know about the velcro closure, though), but I LOVE these covers!  Super soft, quality covers.  Again, they come from Australia, so if you live in the States, expect shipping to be high.

Plain Ol’ Circo Receiving Blankets as Flats:


Who would have thought The Muffin’s old pink receiving blankets would make for such a good diaper.  Now that I’ve got the hang of folding flats, this is a cheap, perfectly good option for diapering.  It absorbs well using the bat fold, is soft, and is something you can find at many yard sales or consignment shops.  With a good diaper cover, you can save yourself some serious money by adding these to your stash.  Make sure you wash them at least once with your diaper detergent or soap nuts first & then continue to launder them as diapers (no fabric softeners or dryer sheets).

The Bottom Line:  Cheap, widely available, and work well!


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