I had it all written down. I had explained in great length how it was that I have become engrossed in a classic and momentarily forsaken this blog. I had written about how Melville has been floating around in the collective subconscious for years and years; the references to Moby Dick so ubiquitous they went unnoticed by me until recently. Yes, recently, it all came to a head when The Noodle’s baseball coach mentioned to Jeff that Moby Dick is his absolute most favorite book of all time, and how he gives himself the gift of reading it every year at Christmastime. I had been thinking about picking up a copy when I was watching Starbuck kick some serious ass “tail” on Battlestar Galactica, and realizing that I couldn’t remember anything about the original Starbuck except a vague notion that he or she (I wasn’t entirely sure) was on that whaling ship with Captain Ahab – but I didn’t really know. It was this “not knowing” that made feel like I failed whichever English teacher it was who had assigned it whenever it was that they did. If they did. Maybe it was on a summer reading list. In any case, this all motivated me to find a copy and get to reading. I think I had also mentioned that The Noodle’s coach shared a story about how the founder of Starbucks originally had wanted to name his coffee chain Queequegs, but got talked out of it. Can you imagine what Melville would think seeing one of his character’s name every 3 blocks? – and spoken in the same breath as “grande decaf soy cinnamon dolce late with no whip” (my personal favorite).
Anyway, I had written about all of this – and so much more (and so much more eloquently than I did just now) – but I made a fatal mistake: I assumed that the phone blog app saved drafts automatically. I was wrong – I went to pull it up the next morning, and it was gone. I had even made a joke about how I was “hooked” on Moby Dick.
Ok, so maybe it’s a good thing that draft disappeared. Speaking of which, I’ve got a date with a great white whale. I promise to write more soon.


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