It’s the weather- or, Subconscious Wanderlust

I’ve been having vivid dreams. The kind of dreams that stick with me and color my day. It’s like looking through a stained glass window. A translucent filter with images of seaside cliffs and towering masts of tall ships, desert military encampments and high school parking lots. I run through fields of tall wheat, and sail crystal blue waters with vibrantly colored sea life. I bark orders in dusty fatigues, and escape failing space crafts with barely enough breath to rocket safely into the glittering promise of other galaxies.
Then I wake up. Usually just as I am about to do something dramatic or discover something important.
What a gyp.

I grow restless when the weather turns warm. I used to, (when I was single and childless), suddenly just take off for the beach without so much as a moment’s notice; or walk into a gas station, grab a map, close my eyes, point to a spot and head there. Too bad I was so broke I usually couldn’t make it farther than one state in any direction. My car, at the time, was a 1978 Malibu Classic. Blue with a little bit of metallic flake – or so it appeared when the sun hit it just the right way. It guzzled gas & ate oil. Also, toward the bitter end, the speedometer would freak out and flit back and forth like a metronome set at 300 bpm. On the one hand, a terrible car for a broke adventurer to set off in (as it cost a fortune to get anywhere); on the other hand, a perfect car for this broke adventurer (as it kept me out of trouble – for the most part). Anyway, maybe that’s what these dreams lately are all about. I certainly can no longer set off for parts unknown at the drop of a hat, so maybe my subconscious is doing it for me – only so much better. And all expenses paid.
I’m not just the chick with the fiddle or the mom with three kids in tow. I may seemlike just plain ol’ me, but last night, I ran barefoot across cold marble to escape from my tormentors before sailing to an uncharted island only to discover that I was a pilot sent to free a group of people held captive underwater and bring them aboard the space vessel orbiting wherever it was that we were.
Yeah, I’m a space cadet all right. But the weather’s warm, tomorrow is a school day, and I’m not going anywhere; so, space cadet is fine by me.



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8 responses to “It’s the weather- or, Subconscious Wanderlust

  1. I too experience vivid, and frequent, dreams. Often times they provide us insight into what we are struggling with. It’s been helpful to me to keep a dream journal right when you wake up; just keywords really (since a lot of times the details fade with time). Then, when you go back to sleep decide how you are going to overcome the obstacle, should you enter the dream in the same spot. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but gradually I started to realize that I could control my dreams (flying away, fighting back, or actually just freezing the dream and walking away)… so that I didn’t have to be the victim (and have those very real emotions running around in my head for the rest of the following day!). The emotions that we experience in dreams are just as real as if they were actually happening … it was a really difficult problem for me at one point in my life. Now, I sort of see them as opportunities :-).

    • skyeblog

      Yes, I used to write many of them down, too, because I didn’t want to forget them :). I actually really like my dreams – even the horrible ones. I get to do so many things & even if they’re disturbing, they are at least interesting!!
      I’ve found that I can’t fly – but I can ice skate like a pro, jump for extended periods of time (pseudo-flying), and pirouette like 20 times in row without stopping (I used to do ballet).
      Thanks for reading & for your insight 🙂

  2. Heehee, entertaining blog, miss space cadet! I had a dream the other night which freaked me out. I was in the backyard of this small white house, it was night, and there was a bright porch light on which lit up the yard. Beside me lay this HUGE bat like creature with it’s back to me, snoring. It suddenly woke up, and let out a kind of growl/ scream and ran quickly along the side of the house. I did nt get a good feeling from it…I felt like it was evil and I was it’s prisoner. Just when I was getting up to make a run for it, it came around the other side of the house, in a fury, heading straight for me, it’s eyes gleaming red, and it’s mouth open, revealing sharp teeth below it’s upturned bat nose. I was terrified, frozen with fear. Suddenly, I saw nothing at all, and I felt like I was half asleep, half awake. I then felt these puffs of air on my face. It was a breath of something, but I didn’t know what. I was still petrified. I could hear it sniffing and exhaling on my face. Bat creature? Dog? I didn’t know, and it took all the courage I could muster. I opened my eyes, with my hands clutching the sheets, and everything was silent and dark. I could hear John softly snoring next to me. Phew! Freaky, huh? I greatly prefer the dreams I’ve had of azure seas surrounding an old Italian village, with a medeival looking stone castle rising above on the top of the island. 😉

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