Pajama Mama

I often dream that I have no shoes.  I can’t find them, or I left them somewhere, or all of a sudden I realize “Holy Flip Flops, Batman -I’m shoeless!”  Usually, this realization comes as I’m setting foot in a fancy restaurant, or the floor is covered in broken glass, or  I’m running for my life.  Sometimes there’s sulfuric acid all over the floor.  Don’t ask me – I have no idea why my subconscious would think “you know what this floor needs?  Sulfuric acid!”, but it does.  I’m weird like that.  Anyway, these dreams are always stressful.  I’m guessing the meaning there is that I feel unprepared.

I guess.

I really have no idea, actually, but I’ve had these dreams for as long as I can remember.  I suppose it’s my version of dreaming that I show up to school in my underwear.  Or pajamas.  -Which is exactly what I did the other day, but in real life.  Not in my underwear (well, I mean I had underwear on under my clothes), but in my pajamas.  And not to my school, but to my daughter’s.  You see, we were running a little behind.   I dropped the Noodle off at school, came home, fed Yum Yums, got the Muffin ready for her school field trip & in all the craziness of getting everyone else situated and where they needed to be, I failed to get myself ready.   My hair was all askew in the ponytail I had fallen asleep in.  I was in the shirt I wore yesterday (& slept in), and had on my long sleeved white jammy top.  At least I had changed into a pair of jeans.  And had shoes.  And at least I got The Muffin to her field trip relatively close to on time.  I felt kinda bad about showing up in the state I was in, but I was just dropping her off, and couldn’t possibly come with her.  I hadn’t sent in the proper form for that, because siblings aren’t allowed on field trips, and I had Yum Yums – right?  Wrong.  As The Muffin cries into my shirt that she wants me to stay, I look around & see another mom with her twin babies.  She looked as though she was going to remain on the scene.

So I ask her: “are you staying?”

Other Mom: “well, I hadn’t planned on it, but it looks like I am.  I think.”

Me: “are we allowed?”

Other Mom: “yeah.  I hadn’t realized…”

I ask the teacher, and she says “sure”, so I go with it.  It was a nature field trip.  (Good thing it wasn’t at a museum).  I managed to only get the very tips of the toes of my shoes wet in the “stream exploration” part, and I was glad I had the long sleeve white jammy top when we were catching bugs in the tall grass of the “catching bugs in the meadow” segment.  Yum Yums rode on my hip the whole time, and didn’t need a diaper change all morning.  Which was good, because I didn’t have any with me & the mom with the twin babies ended up being in another group.   All in all, I’d say it was a success.

I’d like to say that I learned something from this experience like: “brush your hair before packing lunches” at the very least.  But I didn’t.  This morning, as I was looking for something else entirely, I came across a notice informing me of my parent-teacher conference with The Muffin’s teacher.  It was scheduled to start in 12 minutes.  Hairbrush be damned, I was out of the house like a shot!  Well, almost.  I did change out of my jammies this time.


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  1. Marcey Schnieder

    great reading see el’ natural Sky!! LOVE IT !!

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