Waiting For The Dentist

I am sitting in the dentist’s chair with a swab of numbing gel in my mouth. I’m trying very hard not to swallow too much of it, so the numbness doesn’t travel down my throat. Oops, too late. Ah, here’s the dentist.
… … … …
“Just a quick pinch” she told me, before sticking the needle in. Biggest little white lie of the medical profession. No shot I have ever had, ever, has felt like a little pinch. At least this time I didn’t watch that Poirot movie – which one was it? “Buckle My Shoe”, I think. The one where the Fatal dose of Novocain was administered. Watched that one unwittingly the night before my last filling. Big mistake – but it did make me feel extra brave as I walked into the dentist’s office & waited for that needle. It is a kind of bravery, I think, to walk knowingly in to pain – even if it is just a filling.
Ah – my time’s up. I mean, here comes the dentist …



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2 responses to “Waiting For The Dentist

  1. heather

    my dentist rocks the novacaine shot. don’t even feel it. just sayin’

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