Diaper Obsessed

I admit that I have a problem: I am obsessed with diapers.  I couldn’t be more happy cloth diapering, and now, I just love them!  Weird, huh?  Yeah, I know.  I comfort myself by remembering that some women are obsessed with shoes – which go on feet.  Which can also be stinky.  So, really, diaper love isn’t that strange, right?  I mean, which sounds nicer: a soft, cozy, fluffy diaper – or a stinky ol’ shoe?  (Just work with me, on this one.)

It started out innocently enough.  When The Muffin was a little over half way through her diaper days, her skin was reeeaaaallly bad (still is – she suffers from fierce eczema).  My cousin & his wife had just had a baby & they introduced me to today’s cloth diapers (I blame this all on them. 🙂 It all seemed so easy -and it would save us soooo much money over disposables.  And no more diapers sitting in landfills. And the kicker: it would be better for The Muffin’s skin!!  I did some research & bought a bunch of FuzziBunz Seconds.  They were great!  However, her skin ended up still needing creams that would have ruined the nice cloth diapers, so we ended up being part-time cloth users.  So, when Yum-Yums came around, I thought I’d once again be a part-timer.  In fact, I started out with only 4 Fuzzi Bunz (The Muffin’s stash was all size Large & still on loan to a friend).  Then after a string horrible (& embarrassing) blow-outs, I decided to completely switch over.  Some other family members bought us a few (as baby gifts), and I borrowed some newborn sized diaps from the cousins that started it all.  When Yum-Yums outgrew the borrowed newborn sizes, that’s when the obsession kicked in.

It all started with some Bum Genius seconds I got to fill in the diaper stash gaps.  Then I HATED the idea of going back to disposables when camping and on our Austin trip, so I got a Flip diaper trial pack (with disposable inserts).  I loved the idea of using pre-folds in them when at home, so I got a handful of those, too.  Then started my quest to find the perfect nighttime diaper.  (Yum-yums, as it turns out, is a super heavy wetter & nights were proving to be a problem.)  Then came the Bamboozle, and the Kissaluvs.  And the Pumpkin Butt hemp and cotton insert/liner.  Then the Trend Lab, Earth Mom & Baby’s Bumboo Bamboo diaper, and the Tweedle Bugs diaper covers.  Then the Kawaii bamboo minky diaper, and the Mother Ease cotton one-size.  They all have their pros & cons, and some are my favorites, but when it comes right down to it: I love them all!  I promise to include a page full of my reviews very soon.  (probably tonight or tomorrow)

I am currently lusting over the Australian Bumboo side snap diaper covers & luxuriant bamboo terry flats.  They’re currently having a buy 2, get one free deal.  Even still, the shipping will come to $10.50 & that’s what is giving me pause.  You see, out of the family budget, I have only spent $75.00 on diapers.  Yes, you read that right: our family has only spent $75.00 on 8.5 months of diapering!!!  And the best part is that I don’t need another single diaper.  We are totally set.  Well, when we go on Vacation, I will probably have to buy a pack of disposables, because I won’t have access to washer/dryer.  Or at least a pack of Flip disposable inserts (only 5.00, though, at Soft & Cozy Baby – our friendly neighborhood diaper shop) – but you get the idea.

So where has the money for all the other diapers come from?  Well, many were gifted, and the remainder have come from a very generous gift card I was given for the holidays.  (And a little of my gig money.)  That’s right.  I have spent my gift money, not on clothes (which I desperately need – I look a little raggedy these days), or shoes (like some women might), or even coffee & chocolate (which is my usual M.O.), but diapers.

I told you I have a problem.


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