Wii Not-So-Fit & Half Dressed Go-Go Girls

It was an eventful week-end.  We had a gig at The Hollywood Casino in West Virginia on Saturday night.  It was the most surreal St. Patrick’s Day of my life.  I had only ever been to a casino (on a cruise ship, though) once in my life, so it was a new experience for me.  I expected to be on a theater-style stage in a room off to the side.  I did not expect to be performing on a stage in an open space with a view of the slots, and scantily dressed dancers grooving on the bar.  Not that I have a huge problem with this, but I was unprepared – as, I am sure were the dancers when they had to dance seductively to our opening traditional Irish drinking song set.  They looked as uncomfortable grinding to The Moonshiner as I was watching them attempt it – and I have seen some interesting bar dancing in my day (though the dancers in the past have all been fully clothed).  I thought I had masked my “fish-out-of-water” daze at least while I was on stage – but after watching the footage a friend shot of our performance, I can see that was not the case.  I feel badly about it, too. 

Anyway, while I was entranced by half-dressed Go-Go Girls & the flashing lights and pings of the slot machines, the kids were having a grand old time with my parents.  Yum Yums even slept for them!  He fell asleep on my dad’s chest & transitioned to my mom’s lap and then to the crib with no problems!  I shall now refer to my parents as The Baby Whisperers.  (hooray!!)

The next day, we’re all hanging out & The Noodle asks if he could play on my parents’ Wii.  There was a minor problem with the power supply, my dad takes care of it, and we’re off and running!  Almost literally.  We don’t have a Wii at home, so this is all very novel to me.  I’m watching the kids try Tennis, and well, I wanted to try, too!  The Muffin spanked me.  It was a little embarrassing, especially considering as it was all new to her, too.  I comforted myself by noting that she was really just flailing wildly & it was beginners luck.  Then she beat me again.  Then my mom decided to try, too (she *says* she’s barely attempted the tennis).  She destroyed me.  Then The Noodle beat me, too.  Whatever.  At least I was having a good time.  Jeff was having a good time watching me get slammed, too.  So was my Dad. 

The next day, sorry to say, my arms were sore.  I wouldn’t figure it out. 

“Wow,” I thought, “I wonder if I’m getting a cold or something.  I’m so sore!”

Later: “I wonder if I’m just exhausted…”

Then finally: “Sweet baby peas!  It was the Wii!!!  I’m a total wimp!” 

I laughed at myself, then called and left a message for my parents, so they could laugh at me, too.  


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