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A week ago today, I came home in the darkness & was reminded of how wondrous this world can be.  For one reason or another, when I got out of the car I stopped to look over the bridge in our backyard.  I never do this.  I give quick nervous glances before I step out of the car then high-tail it into the house – especially during mosquito season.  I must have thought I saw the neighborhood fox or caught a glimpse of a rabbit  … or maybe I thought I saw what might have been that missing dog … not that it matters, the point is that I stopped and looked out, and looked up, and saw the night completely filled with fireflies.  I don’t mean a couple of lightning bugs skimming their way among the bushes or rising from the grass – I mean countless tiny lights glittering in the very tops of the trees and flashing next to the stars.  It was breathtaking.  I felt as though I was in some sort of magical snow globe where the giant white flakes were these flashing blinking little beings.  Yes, yes, I know these “little beings” are not so innocent after all, but they sure are beautiful.  I stood there in the driveway for a while amazed and watching, feeling like a little kid seeing the summer night for the first time.

Tonight Jeff found a firefly in distress.  He had opened the garage & saw something blinking steadily and insistently under a lawn chair.  I coaxed the little guy onto my finger and he looked pale and traumatized.  Poor little thing has a handful of days to live his adult life & he must have spent all last night and all day today trapped in the garage alone, confused and flashing his little but off – quite literally.  It struck me how frantic and pale he looked.  I put him by some bushes and hoped for the best.

There is so much more to say about these past several weeks.  There is so much, but I am so tired, I’ll just have to save it for another night.  Before I go, though, I’ll leave with a Parenthood Moment from this morning:

The Muffin is crying and upset because she slept in and missed her favorite cartoon (she usually sleeps in and misses it, by the way).  “I want Martha!!!  Put it on Mommy!  Put it on!”

Me: “I can’t honey, it’s over.”

The Muffin: “Noooooooo!” (tears streaming down her face) “Put it On Demand!  Put it on a DVD!”

Me: “I can’t, sweetie, it’s TV.  It’s not on On Demand and I haven’t seen a DVD for it.  But Curious George is on now – you like Curious George, right?”

The Muffin: “Nooooooooo!   Ohhhhhh…..humpf!”

The Muffin starts getting really pretty grumpy, and The Noodle who is trying to ignore her & watch his cartoons speaks up for the first time: “Stop being so loud around me!!!! I don’t like it!”

I go into the next room to kiss Jeff good-bye and hear screaming:

“I HATE monkeys!  I like DOGGIES!”  and we both loose it.  Sometimes ya just gotta laugh (when the kids aren’t looking, of course :).


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