Reading me to sleep

Tonight, my son read to me so I could fall asleep.  It was awesome.  I was suddenly completely and totally exhausted, and The Muffin decided to climb in on one side of me (albeit roughly and with much pushing of elbows into my ribcage), and the Noodle sat on the other and read me to sleep.  Well … kind-of.  I did find myself in that in-between place where I was dreaming, and yet taking in every word and flip of the page.  I love that sound: the scraping of paper as pages are being turned.  A kind of gentle “scraaatch – ahhh” sound as the page is nearly airborne as it goes from one side of the book to the other.  Anyway, he was reading the “Bob Books” to me – which, for those of you who are unaware, are incredibly short.  Then he’d hop up after each one to grab the next, which would wake me completely – but then “scraaatch – ahhh, “The dog was Mag” scraaatch – ahhhhh “Mag had the bag” scraaatch- ahhh” back to sleep again.  Finally, after book 10, I decided we’d all be more comfortable on the couch and the Noodle decided to read a longer book so I “could really fall asleep this time”.  The Muffin, who had been reading the Otto books in her own way by completely disregarding the words on the page (even though not only can she read them, she knows them by heart), also decided this was a great idea;  it would give her more space.  Also it would be fun to try to “wake me up” by pressing the song button on the Mary Had a Little Lamb book and holding it directly against my ear.  (It is still ringing).

All in all it was very sweet.  I discovered that The Noodle is very good at reading a person to sleep while they “cuddle in”.  He has a very soft and gentle way about him – which is a beautiful thing to behold in a five year old boy who loves smashing matchbox cars into whatever he can and smacking wiffle-balls mid-air so hard they shatter (this does make me a little proud, I have to admit).  –And suddenly, “The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear” is my absolute favorite book of all time.


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