Too Much Love and Yeti Droppings

Today Jeff and I ganged up on The Noodle.  He was all over the place & clearly begging for attention, so we barraged him with kisses and hugs and tickles.  We chased him (all the while him yelling after us “ok, you’re the robot – get me, get me!”), and spun him around once we caught him.  At one point, we were all on the couch (Jeff was trying to read to The Muffin), and The Noodle just wouldn’t sit still … so of course, this meant he needed more kisses & squeezes.  Finally, he cries out “Why do people love me so much!?”  I forget what we said – probably something along the lines of “because you’re so ‘Noodle-y'”.

His reply:  “Well, I got too much love, I’m going to spit some out”

Which he did with a giant raspberry.  Then, after being told that spitting is not polite, got more tickles.

As for The Muffin, lately she’s really been into raisins.  As a mom, I like this.  It’s really nice to be able to offer a box of raisins as an incentive, instead of something like a lollipop.  This morning, she gleefully accepted the last box of raisins in the pantry.  A few minutes later, I’m cutting up some melon, when I hear her say “It’s a Yeti dropping!  I’m going to jump over it!” and look over to see her dropping raisins on the floor & trying to jump over them (she can almost jump – but not quite).  I tell her that raisins are food & shouldn’t be dropped on the floor on purpose: they are only for eating.   I’m then reconsidering my affection for The Backyardigans – in one episode of which, Pablo (pretending to be a Yeti) drops some raisins accidently & the others proclaim them “Yeti droppings!” (since, after all, they were dropped by a Yeti).  Thinking, though, that I have ended the demise of said raisins, I hear “Oops!   I dropped some!  Hey, Yeti droppings!  And now I will eat them!”  I turn around (again) and see her lying on her belly eating the raisins off the floor – without hands.  At least she was listening – kind-of …. but I still think I’m in serious trouble with this one …


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  1. Matt Brech

    I sometimes wonder if all kids channel from the same source. Or as we call it when Chris launches into some long explanation of something, and we cannot understand a word he says, taking to the mothership.

    I don’t worry so much about The Backyardigans, largely because they never seem to be on when we’re watching TV. Either Chris is at daycare, or i’s after his bedtime. But he loooves the movie Cars. And Thomas the Tank Engine. Sadly, in both, there are an alarming number of, shall we say, vehicular mishaps. So Chris (especially on the weekends when I get to spend a lot of time with him) likes to take his Mickey Mouse scooter, push it around the living room at top speed, pretends he’s driving, and screams, “Look ooooout!” and proceeds to crash it into whatever he’s near at the time. Coffee table, wall, cat, Daddy’s feet (ouch), dog, piano, he bounces off all of them. Compared to Chick Hicks shenanigans in Cars, or the obscene number of crashes on the Island of Sodor, I think I’d take raisins on the floor.

    Course, the dog would probably get to them first.

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