Blame it on the Wind

My grandfather was a meteorologist who studied hurricanes & tornadoes.  There are probably only a handful of other people in this world with his appreciation of  and respect for the wind.  The rest of us give the wind a lot of crap & randomly blame things on it.  For example: branches & twigs litter our driveway.  First thing to take the blame?  Wind.   Of course, it could (and probably does) have something to do with the fact that our trees are extremely large and probably not at their healthiest AND are home to about a billion extremely active and playful squirrels.  But it’s so much more convenient somehow to sigh and mutter “darned wind” while the squirrels scamper overhead with twigs in their mouths, dropping seeds & shells all over the place.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to visit a very good friend of mine in Colorado.  We decided to drive into Wyoming to see Cheyenne.  I’m really glad we did.  Along the way I saw a few ranches for sale that I now fantasize about buying.  Anyway, I digress – while walking along the streets of downtown Cheyenne (which by the way, is either beginning a revival or smack dab in the middle of a major decline) we spot a building that looks like it was once some sort of theater (lately a gallery)- and falling apart at the seams.  The marquis was completely wrecked and on what was left, the owners had put up (in old school movie theater letters) “Wind Did It”… you know, just in case any was wondering what happened…


My son, on the other hand gives the wind magical and mystical powers.   Probably my fault, because his favorite story to ask for is the “Wind and the Sun”.  You know, it’s that one where the Wind was boasting that it was more powerful than the Sun; and they had a contest to see who could get the coat off of a man who happened along.  Anyway, I told that story once in the car in an attempt to … huh … now I can’t remember why I launched into that one… I guess it doesn’t matter – the point is that he asks to hear it all the time & must imagine the wind to be something magical and important.  The other day, we were in a store with a very friendly sales clerk  who was about 10 years older than the Noodle’s Dzadzi.  He pulled a dime from The Noodle’s ear & asked him how he thought it must have gotten there.  He stops, thinks, then with all the confidence in the world “The wind blew it in!”

Later that night The Noodle was telling his dad about it all.  Jeff asks him if he thought it was a magic trick.  “No, Dad, it was the wind!”


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