Aquariums, Trumpets, and Wonder

Yesterday was a great day.   I had gotten a membership to the Aquarium for my birthday, so my mom, the kids and I met my best friend and her daughter (who is becoming like a close cousin to “The Muffin” and “The Noodle”) by the big bubble tubes just inside.  The Muffin was completely amazed the entire time, and kept repeating: “Wanna dive, mom. Can I dive?” I thought this was just great & told her “one day – maybe we can learn together”.   She wasn’t messing around, though: at one point, by the stingrays, I had turned my back for the 2 seconds it took to get the Noodle’s attention & point to the sharks (he really wanted to see the sharks), and that’s all it took.   She had kicked off her shoes & had her pants down around her ankles: “Wanna go swimming. Ok?”    Thank goodness the wall was too high for her to climb, or I would have been in real trouble!

I think they both loved the rays best of all (the apple doesn’t fall far, after all), and the waterfalls. I could have also sat in front of the octopus all day – or the sloth, who was actually with-in arms reach and MOVING! The Aquarium staff were equally amazed and all stood around talking about how “this never happens!”   The sloth at one point had completely turned itself around, and moved its head to look at us all … almost as if to say “whoooooaaaa! What are you dudes doing here?”

Later that evening, I got to go to a friend’s trumpet recital at Peabody. I love the trumpet, and this particular friend is especially talented – so, of course, I had a wonderful time. There is something particularly magical about a concert, which (for me) surpasses almost anything else in life. Music has a power to transport me to almost anywhere, and I never feel as creative or as satisfied as when I’m playing it or listening to it being played well.  It is completely amazing to me that a human being can accomplish such an ethereal thing.  In the case of the trumpet, to be able to breathe life into sound using a series of complicated twisted tubes is a wonder so incredible it … well, it leaves me speechless (which is really something). Sitting there with a friend on either side, listening to another friend create the music weaving its way through the air, I became fully aware of how incredibly fortunate I am.   My life is so wonderful, I think I must be the luckiest girl in the whole world…and also the most odd, because as I continued to listen, I became aware of a certain piece being played. I wish I could remember which one it was, because it was the sensation/scent of bitter cold blown in on a person coming into the warmth. To be more specific, it was coming into someplace warm with marble and wood… like a church or an old house – and the smell of the cold on a wool coat coming into that place …and I love that smell.   I am completely aware of how weird this makes me, but it truly is the magic of music.  It can have a taste or a color or a smell (and no, I don’t do drugs – for those of you who may be getting suspicious).  I think most people experience this, actually – at least subconsciously…. or anyway, I am going to go with that assumption …


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  1. Sarah

    Yes! That is how music feels to me, as well. Music has, within itself, all the joy and sorrow, triumph and despair of the human spirit.

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