Living in “Neverland”

I am Peter Pan. I swoop down from (moderately) high places with foam sword in hand, have imaginary “pie fights” with my own little lost boy, and hang out with “Tinkerbell”. I swim with mermaids and fight pirates in their jungle gym ships. … Or maybe I’m Wendy: a little girl trying very hard to be “mother” (because someone needs to be “mother”, after all) but still taken in by the wonder of it all. To parent is truly to live in “Never, Neverland”, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Today was a day of childhood magic. It began with chocolate “instant breakfasts” all around and an “Indiana Jones” sandwich (peanut butter and banana) for “The Noodle”. Then, a friend of “The Noodle” and “Muffin” came over to play for a bit, before we headed off to a birthday party at noon. The sun was shining, the air was warm, and the breeze blew in a hint of spring … and, (best yet), the party we were heading to was close enough to walk. So we headed out – “The Noodle” dressed in his Batman finest, and “The Muffin” in green dragon pants (complete with dragon feet), a pink tu-tu and a sweater – to one of the most perfect birthday parties ever.

There were blue and yellow balloons with ribbons that touched the floor, a cupcake tower, big frosted sugar cookies on lollipop sticks, and a big bowl full of bubbles ready & waiting to be taken outside and blown away by giggling little 4 year olds wielding slippery plastic wands. Friends were everywhere running about in floaty princess costumes and foam crowns. There was a feast of pizza, strawberries, and juice boxes before the happy birthday song and the devouring of the cupcakes. There was an egg hunt. There was a pinata. There was playing and chasing and laughter… and it is the middle of February and felt like mid-spring. We walked home, taking our time and examining sticks and leaves and rocks along the way. When Jeff came home, we all played with bouncy balls in the backyard until the sun was well on its way down. It was a pretty perfect day, made even more so because when I remember that I am living in Neverland, I get to dress up, blow bubbles, play tag, and ask for a cupcake, too …


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