“Food, glorious food!”

You know you’ve turned a corner in your life, when what excites you most is not that new release from The Musical Geniuses, or the new movie by Mr. Popular, or even the latest novel in that series that you just can’t put down.  Instead, what gets you asbolutely giddy is that your favorite local Target has started carrying groceries!  This is when you must now acknowledge something that is beyond adulthood.  I’m not sure what that something is, but you have to admit that you are now there.  I think I was actually more excited, even, than my kids when they saw that there were new “Disney Cars” cars in the toy aisle.  “WOOOOOOWW!!! Mom!! Can I have it, can I have it??”  And as I chuckled and counted out with my son how much money he had left in his wallet, I distinctly remembered thinking “such joy!  Being a kid can be so cool sometimes”.  Then, with new cars joyously added to the cart, I rounded the corner and “WOOOOOOWW!!  Noodle!  Muffin!!  Look at that!!!!” – Food as far as the eye could see – and I don’t mean just bread & chips & that kind of stuff, I mean yogurts and cheeses and ice creams and frozen buffalo wings and jalapeno poppers and LACTAID MILK of all things!!!   *Gasp* Orange juice and tortillas, and vegetables and fruit!!  What made all of this even better?  I’ll tell you what: Target brand EVERYTHING!!!  I got Monterey Jack cheese (which my kids devour) and a box of beer-battered fish fillets (guilty pleasure – I know, I’m weird) for less than half the grocery store price!  And this had me dancing – literally – in the aisles!  People must have thought I lost my mind.  In fact, I’m not sure that I haven’t lost my mind, but at least wherever my mind is, it’s a happy place.  But such is the state of my life these days, as I sit with a big bubble wand tangled in my hair …


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One response to ““Food, glorious food!”

  1. Skye's Husband

    Skye goes to the store, she sees that her favorite things are on sale, and she gets giddy.

    Investors go to the stock market, see some of the world’s best companies on sale, and they become despondent.

    Isn’t that interesting?

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